Monday, October 7, 2013

Government Shutdown Delays 19 Year Tradition

As you can tell from my blog and updates, I fish a lot.  Some probably think I fish too much, but everyone has an opinion.  My fishing provides me many things throughout the year, but one thing that I look forward to the most is October. 
In October, I get to spend a week with brothers, nephews, uncles, in-laws, out-laws, etc on our annual fly fishing trip in the Ozarks.  This October would have been the 19th year of this tradition.  The current government shutdown has cancelled this year's tradition as our usual haunts are off limits at this time. 
Could we have camped and carried on this tradition? Yes, if we pushed it we could have camped somewhere.  But, it is the principal of it and I am adamant that when we do have our 19th trip, it will be where we want to go and what we enjoy.  We cancelled it not only because we are hard headed, but in support of the federal workers that are currently unemployed. 
I have enough tact to understand the overall impact of this shutdown and too realize that our camping trip is most likely not in the top 10 of overall impacts.  Probably in the top 20, but overall this is ridiculous to let national parks be affected by this shutdown.  Our national government has declined to a laughing matter.  Congress and Senate have lowered themselves to a bunch of immature individuals that have no priorities but their own political goals.  I don't even know what the government shutdown is and I refuse to read anything that would explain it to me.  The real shutdown should occur in Washington with a few key individuals and leave everyone else alone.  Especially those 800,000 individuals who live paycheck to paycheck.  This includes Washington police, homeland security, and the individuals keeping the trout alive at our federal hatcheries. 
If the current government is going to act like immature individuals, we should treat them that way.  This is the recommendations based on the way many of us were raised and I feel government should be punished in the same manner:
  • Any individual acting like a 4 year old will not get allowance for the week
  • All members of government will be paddled with a homemade switch or paddle when acting up in session, talking out of turn, etc
  • All members of government will turn in a sheet of paper with the words ' I will use common sense' printed 1000 times.
  • The worst offenders will wear a dunce hat in the corner for 1 hour. We are going to need a lot of corners. 
And finally, once this is over, I will invite key members of government to our camp site.  There they will explain to us the process of government shutdown, the necessity to unemploy 800,000 hard working Americans, and give us one good reason why we can't go camping on public land, wade in public waters, hear family stories for the 20th time, eat like kings, bond with my brothers, build the absolute biggest campfire you have ever seen and burn things in it that you could not imagine.   I want one good reason.


  1. I agree Lynn. When grown men and women start acting up, it's time to do something but sit idly by. Sorry your trip got cancelled.