Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recycled Camping

We spent this past weekend on the Norfork River in Arkansas.  I spent as much time as I could casting dry sulphurs to rising rainbow and cutthroat trout.  There were enough sulphurs hatching that it got the trouts attention.  I love to watch the eat of a big sulphur and once these trout zeroed in, they were in attack mode on the size 14 dry. 

The best part of the weekend was camping in my new recycled camper.  What?  A recycled camper?  Recently I acquired a 'new' homemade camper that is made entirely of pieces and parts of other campers.  I think Johnny Cash once wrote a song about a car made of pieces and parts.  Well I have the RV version of that car! 
The reason I did not get as much fishing time was that we spent a majority of it putting the final touches on the roof and should be in great shape for a full summer of camping on the local trout streams.  The interior of the camper has everything that we will ever need.  The exterior screams redneck and needs some artwork, trout decals, or something to spice it up. I am open to ideas. 
This is the early stages of the build.  Recycled pop-up trailer floor and lumber to build frame from an old house.

Below is the finished exterior of the trailer.  That big white space on the side is a perfect spot for some artwork.  You know I will come up with something.  
The windows are also from the same recycled house where the lumber was from.  The gas on the front is enough to last a lifetime and from another recycled RV.  The roof vent is also recycled and works perfect.  The fiberglass exterior sheeting and insulation are the only things on the camper that were purchased new.
The interior has an A/C which is nearly silent and blows ice cold air.  The lights are many years old and give off a romantic glow.  The bed will fold up and make a table with bench seats.  Storage under benches.

Plenty of cabinets with double sink and water hook-up.
Recycled RV refrigerator works like a dream along with the 3 burner gas stove, oven fan, and light.

We spent the weekend trying everything out and making a list of what we need to supply it for some easy set-up camping. One thing we definitely need is a string of lights to hang at the camp site.  All the $100,000 campers have them, and I figure my bargain camper deserves the same.
The greatest thing about it ...... there is no other like it in the campground.  If you see it, you will know it!!  Stop by and say hey. 
See you on the river.

Blooming Arkansas purple cone flowers.


  1. Loving the camper man...a fishermans dream home right there!!

  2. Looks like you are almost there. I could spend many days right there, all the comforts you need, maybe some hot damn to finish it off. Looks good.

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